A Full Range of Therapies at One Location

Total Rehab & Fitness offers a variety of therapies at one location to help you improve and feel better. Below is a brief description of the therapies:

Physical Therapy can help if you improve walking, balance, endurance and muscle weakness; decrease joint pain; and improve range of motion limitations that can occur from spasticity.

Occupational Therapy can help you complete normal tasks of daily living. Basic things such as grooming, cooking, and housework can become major chores as a result of your condition. Issues with fine motor skills of the hands and your overall coordination can also be improved through this intervention. Occupational therapy will help you restore lost function and gain strength so you can perform these tasks painlessly and with confidence.

Behavioral Therapy can help you manage stress, depression, anxiety, and/or relationship problems. It can effectively help you adjust to a chronic illness and provide insight on how you can embrace a full and meaningful life, despite your chronic disease.

Cognitive Therapy can help you improve short-term memory and processing difficulties you may be having as a result of your condition. It will also help enhance your working memory, allowing you to organize activities and responsibilities, and strategize more efficiently.

Speech Therapy can help if you have difficulty speaking, swallowing or if you routinely choke on food. The therapy is effective if you suffer from neurological diseases, stroke or the onset of memory disorders.