What you can do

Find Therapists Who Can Help

If you are experiencing difficulty walking, it is important to discuss this with your neurologist. Your neurologist may know a therapist who is familiar with treating MS patients.  A tailored exercise program designed by a therapist who works with MS patients may be very beneficial to help you with some of the challenges you are facing. Start thinking about activities you can do safely, and partake in these activities to keep yourself moving. The National MS Society may also know of a group or individual in your community who can help you.

Many MS patients feel stressed, anxious and/or depressed. If you experience any of these feelings, it may be beneficial to find a behavioral therapist or psychologist who you can talk to. S/he can help you manage these feelings and any other challenges you may be experiencing.

You may also be having cognitive issues as a result of your MS.  Cognitive therapy is an excellent way to exercise your brain while focusing on your specific issues with a trained professional. (Recent randomized trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of cognitive therapy in improving short-term memory, working memory, and transitioning information.) Speech-language pathologists are extremely versed in cognitive therapy and rehabilitation and may be able to help you strategize and improve the ways you deal with these issues.

At Total Rehab & Fitness, we offer many services that can help you, all at one location. If you live near our office and would like to speak to us, please call and make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.